I am a postdoctoral researcher working with Giovanni Vigna and Christopher Kruegel in the SecLab at UC Santa Barbara. My research interests focus on several aspects of systems security. Currently, I am actively involved in projects related to automated vulnerability discovery (in firmware blobs and Android applications), and related to human-assisted cyber reasoning systems.

I earned a Ph.D at EURECOM, where I was advised by Davide Balzarotti. Among other things, we investigated how non-atomic acquisitions impact the consistency of memory dumps, and we developed a framework to discover and to assess the quality of memory forensics heuristics.

I love playing Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions and I am a core member of NOPS which, by the way, was once defined “probably a top team” by one of the greatest hackers of our time (if you think this is a mere PR stunt, contact me and you will receive proof that this actually happened - for real!).

When I am away from keyboard, I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, surfing, and playing chess.


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Fabio Pagani
SANS DFIR Europe Summit


PC member at DIMVA 2021

Journal reviewer for Computers & Security (COSE)

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